Common Retirement Goals

Live Your Dreams BlackboardIf your idea of retirement was sitting in the easy chair and watching TV twelve hours a day you may have a problem. Not that there is anything wrong with making some use of that easy chair but too much can lead to boredom and assorted health problems. There is even evidence that the “easy chair” lifestyle can lead to a decreased life span!

We need goals, and retirement doesn’t mean the goals stop. Some may prefer the term “themes” as goals have a way of adding stress. Let’s take a closer look at some common retirement “themes” to get your brain thinking.

Travel the world

This one may literally mean world travel. Or it might mean taking some of your newly found free time to discover the world around you, even in your own town.

Write a book

Lots of people have this one. Maybe you should start with some articles or a blog and work your way up to a book. The Internet and newer self-publishing options make writing a book more possible than ever before.

Take a class

For some this may mean going back to college. But it can also mean simply taking a class on some subject that interests you. There are both online and offline options.

Teach a class

Why not teach a class on some topic that you know well and have an interest. Again there are online and offline options and even the possibility to earn a little income.

Take up a new hobby

There are thousands of possibilities. Many are free or low cost. The internet makes it easy to connect with others that share the same interest.

Spend more time with kids / grandkids

This is certainly a common one. Now finds ways to really do it! Make it fun for them so time with you becomes an exciting adventure rather than a duty.

Hike the Appalachian Trail

Oh yeah, many of us have thought of this one and some may even do it. (Those on the west coast of the US may think of the PCT.) This doesn’t have to be an all or nothing proposition. You can start with short day hikes and work your way up as your abilities improve.

Fix up an old car

This is a common one for men. It doesn’t have to be a 100K muscle car. There are plenty of 20 year old “cool” cars that you can fix up like new!

Cruise around the world

This is another one that some will really do. Others can save up for a more attainable cruise of a shorter duration. Then again there are those of us that consider a cruise to be taking out a kayak on a local lake on a bright sunny day.

Move to the country (or the city)

I think many that live in the city want to move to the country and many that live in the country want to try an apartment in the city. Go figure! My suggestion is to try and find a way to try the lifestyle on for size before you fully commit.


For some this means the Peace Corp (in the US.) But there are plenty of great causes out there that are just dying for some volunteer help. This might be just occasional or a full time job without pay!

Exercise more

This is one that should be on everybody’s list. So if it isn’t add it and find something that works for you.

Buy a motorhome

Who can resist the urge to spend a half million dollars and cruise down the highway in your luxury rancher on wheels? Again, some will do just that and many will do a more measured variation, like a small travel trailer or just some old fashioned tent camping.

Learn to play a musical instrument

Another common one and some of us will even stick with it. But just because we may give up doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. You may even find the passion of your life!

Move to somewhere warm

Another case of those in a cold climate want to move somewhere warm and those in warm climates say they miss the seasons. Again my suggestion is to try to find a way to try your new locale on for size. Some will even prefer a “snowbird” approach where they move south for the winter.

Hopefully this article has given you some food for thought.

Until next time…

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