About Me

Headshot_200pxYou have been told you need over a million dollars to retire. You don’t know what you are going to do when you do retire, or you already are retired and don’t know what to do with yourself. You need alternatives. You need to think outside the box. What about semi or early retirement? What about a job, a business, volunteering, and hobbies. Where will I live? Do I need a car?

If you have been thinking about any of these questions you are in the right place.We’ll be looking into all those questions and much more. Here is a sample:
* A retirement budget for real people
* Housing alternatives
* Semi-retirement
* Hobbies and why you need one or more
* Health Issues
* Jobs for retired people
* Volunteering
* Social Security
* Connecting with people
* Transportation options
* And many more
I started this journey a couple years ago when I began to realize retirement wasn’t so far away anymore. The financial industry just kept reminding me of the huge amount of money I needed – way more than most people will ever accumulate. More importantly there was lots of financial advice but not much of the non financial variety. What would I do with myself? How would I fill my days?

I read books, articles and blogs. As I researched I found there is some good information out there if you dig. There are people out there that seem to have found the key. And you know what I found? Most are not millionaires and most are not even retired in the way that I always envisioned retirement. The realization was profound and liberating. I hope to share what I found and have us share this journey together. I truly hope we can make your life just a little more fulfilling.

Thanks, Jerry