20 Retirement Business Ideas

Senior Businessman Using Phone

Let’s say you have decided to start a business to make some retirement income and keep yourself active. But what kind of business? Almost any business can be made to fit your retirement, but here are 20 ideas to get you thinking. Teach Classes Make a list of skills you have that others would find […]

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Turning 60 – Stuck in between


In many ways turning 60 is like turning 20. You are stuck in between. You are not a kid and yet not really grown up. It is a time of decisions. What kind of life do I want? Whit kind of career? Should I go to school or get a job? Where do I want […]

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Self Designed Communties

Family House Picture

We have talked previously about housing alternatives in retirement. A recent article I read in Marketwatch talked about some people that are living this reality. Below is the article: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/create-your-own-retirement-community-2015-04-06?page=1 Comparison to “55 Plus” communities These housing arrangements share some things in common with builder’s “55 and Over” communities, but they are self created by […]

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